Opulence= Great Wealth or Luxuriousness. A bundle that helps organize your finances in one spot! Streamlining your budgeting experience, and taking it to a new level. 

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This insert bundle includes:

  • Six Month Financial Goals Page to track your Savings, Debt and Credit Score
  • Six months of undated monthly sheets to track. House your paydays, variable and fixed expenses, Afterpay or Klarna payments and subscriptions.
  • Two Income and Expense Pages for every month (good for biweekly budgeting). There are two pages for up to two paychecks for each month to list out expenses that need to be paid.
  • A page for Cash Envelopes and Sinking Funds planning
  • NEW! Pretty Savvy Savings Challenge page to save up to $1,000 ($500 per page)
  • Debt Tracker- 6 months designed for 20 debt accounts (5 pages)
  • Savings Account Tracker- 6 months designed for 6 savings accounts (2 pages)
  • 12 pages (6 sheets) of Check Register Inserts to balance your accounts while spending and paying for expenses. You can house them together, or put them behind every month.
  • Financial Affirmations for each segment to give positive energy while working on your financial

Black ink on white quality paper