Pretty Spiritual A5 Discbound Planner


The Pretty Spiritual Planner is your sidekick for your spiritual journey. Useful to house all of your intimate sessions with God. Covers are reusable for future use!

Included in the planner:

  • Noir Mini Marker
  • Included Inserts:
    • Message:
      • Use for your Bible Study Session, Conference or weekly sermon. On the front is a section to write the scripture or topic to focus on. No more using those church programs. Keep all of your session in one place.
    • S.O.A.P Bible Study:
      • The S.O.A.P method is used to help navigate bible study sessions. S- Scripture; O- Observation; A- Application; P-Prayer.
      • The back of the page is dedicated to word and definitions, and additional notes.
    • Pretty Prayers:
      • A place to just unload it all, and talk to God. On the back is a place to also give him some thanks.
      • Notes- additional note pages.

Various sized Pretty Spiritual Insert Bundles (without a cover) are available here.

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