The Pretty Healthy A5 Planner


The Pretty Healthy Planner is everything you need to get your health journey started, add to your current plan with your trainer or just a way to make sure your family is in tip top shape. Covers and dividers are reusable for future use!

Included in the planner:

  • A set of 6 Tabbed Blank Dividers
  • Noir Mini Marker
  • BODY Dashboard
  • Included Inserts:
    • Medical Information and Trackers:
      • Passwords Page- A page to put your username and passwords for your accounts.
      • Appointments Page- Enough space to plan appointments for the family, so no one misses an appointment.
      • Vitamin and medicine list- Use to Keep track of your medications and vitamins. Never forget the prescription, frequency and dosage.
      • Vitamins and Medications tracker- Track up to 16 weeks of your weekly dosage of vitamins and medications (AM & PM).
      • Symptoms Tracker-Keep track of any side effects or symptoms you experience up to 16 weeks.
      • SUP DOC NOTES- Jot down notes to discuss at your next visit, or information your physician would like for you to remember.
    • Monthly Health Admin:
      • Health Goals- Plan/track your health goals, weight and measurements, monthly progress photo and progress.
      • Plan Your Workouts- Plan your workouts for the entire month! Also has a place for a weekly weigh-in.
      • Track your consistency- Fill in the number of days completed/or hit your exercise, food, vitamins and water goals.
    • Food and Exercise Log:
      • Food Triggers- What foods should you avoid? This helpful quad allows you to list foods that are priority, good, eat less of and avoid.
      • Food and Exercise Log- Track your mood, sleep, food and water intake, exercises, steps, closed rings and more.
      • Notes- additional note pages.



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