Pretty Healthy: Monthly Admin Inserts


Health is Wealth! With our Pretty Healthy Monthly Admin Inserts, you’ll be able to see your progress in no time! Pair this with a plan from your personal trainer, or with pure determination and your goals will be achieved. You’ll get 3 months worth of inserts that include:

  • Monthly Health Admin:
    • Health Goals- Plan/track your health goals, weight and measurements, monthly progress photo and progress.
    • Plan Your Workouts- Plan your workouts for the entire month! Also has a place for a weekly weigh-in.
    • Track your consistency- Fill in the number of days completed/or hit your exercise, food, vitamins and water goals. At the end of the month you can reflect on what worked and what didn’t.
  • 12 pages, 6 sheets (front/back)
  • Black ink on white quality paper
  • Want to see this in a full planner? Shop The Pretty Healthy Planner here. 
  • Pair it with Food and Exercise Log and Medical Information and Trackers, Apple Watch Tracker.


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A5 Six Hole, A5 Discbound, Half Letter, Classic Happy Planner

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