Pretty Healthy: Medical Information and Trackers Inserts


The purpose of the Medical Information and Trackers is so that you can always remain at the top of your game regarding your health. We love to make sure all of our medical information is readily available, and what better way than to add this information to your planner.

Medical Information and Trackers:

    • Passwords Pages- Your username and passwords for your accounts. (2 pages)
    • Appointments Pages- Enough space to plan appointments for the family, so no one misses an appointment. (2 pages)
    • Vitamin and medicine list- Use to Keep track of your medications and vitamins. Never forget the prescription, frequency and dosage. (2 pages)
    • Vitamins and Medications trackers- Track up to 16 weeks of your weekly dosage of vitamins and medications (AM & PM). (4 pages)
    • Symptoms Trackers-Keep track of any side effects or symptoms you experience up to 16 weeks. (4 pages)
    • SUP DOC NOTES- Jot down notes to discuss at your next visit, or information your physician would like for you to remember. (10 pages)
  • Black ink on white quality paper
  • 22 pages, 13 sheets (front/back)

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Pair it with our Pretty Healthy Food and Exercise Log, Pretty Healthy Monthly Admin, Apple Watch Tracker. 


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A5 Six Rings, A5 Discbound, Half Letter, Classic Happy Planner

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